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Frequently asked questions are listed below.

Title Loans

  • What is a Title Loan?
    A title loan is a convenient and quick way to get cash using a vehicle title as collateral. You will receive the money and keep driving the car.
  • How much can I borrow?
    Up to $25,000 Dollars.
  • Do I keep my vehicle?
    YES, you will receive the money and keep driving your car.
  • How long does it take to get approved for a loan?
    30 minutes or less.
  • Can a bad credit score affect my loan approval?
    NO, we don’t check credit scores.
  • Do I need to have a job to get a loan?
    No, just show any proof of income. ex. Disability, Social Security or Self-employed
  • Does my name need to be on the title?
    Yes, the applicant name must be on the title. But we can help you change the name on the title.
  • What if my title has two names?
    Both persons have to sign an agreement and the contract.
  • Can I repay the loan earlier without any extra fees?
    Yes, “Xpress Title Loans” lets you repay the loan at the moment you are ready. 


  • Why refinance my loan?
    We offer low rates,  payment plans and easy to apply process. You will save money!
  • What do I need to re-finance?
    The value of the vehicle must exceed the amount you owe on your current loan.
  • How does my current loan get paid off?
    Xpress Title Loans, will take care of the process.
  • Can I borrow more money after refinancing?
    Yes, We can give you more money if the car value exceeds the amount that needs to be paid off.
  • Can I refinance even though I have problems with my current loan?
    Yes, Because of our low rates, you won't have any problem paying your loan with us.
  • Do you check my credit score?
    No, We don't check your credit score.


  • Is my information secure?
    YES, Xpress Title Loans does not share or sale any information.
  • Do you share my information?
    NO, Information that is provided will be used just for the loan process.








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